Thursday, May 31, 2012

Growing Up

I'm not even going to mention how long it's been since I last blogged. You can see the date of my last post on your own. You can decide to judge me or not. Or you can just really not care (most likely reaction). Anyway, I figured I need to get back into the blogging world, slowly but surely, as the tides are starting to change and I see some fun updates in the future. First big news- I now need to update my blog title, officially. Maybe I'll just call it No Husband, No House, No Dog. As most of you know, I do have a precious amazing dog, Osa...
...and now I will have a house. Yes, as of November 1st, I will be moving in with the one and only Josh Dent (this guy).
We're both pretty pumped about this decision. He's done a fantastic job taking his 1950 original home into the present (all on his own, I might add), but the cosmetic updates certainly need a woman's touch. Enter this girl...
Side note, that is an OLD hair color, I'm a brunette, don't fret. Anyway- I'll post before pics of our house at some point this summer, and then the 'afters' will just need to be a work in progress. Stay tuned... Oh, and I know you're all wondering, when will THIS happen- No Husband? All in good time, my friends, all in good time.


  1. YES! I'm so excited about this announcement and for you guys! Can't wait to see you girl-ify that house :)

  2. Hahaha, I love the last 2 sentences. So funny! Excited for you to move in and change that house around!! Every guy and his house need a good girl to spruce it up!!!